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Just received the frame. Came out perfect, I'm very impressed with the tolerance and low taper. I will definitely be coming back with many more projects.
Sean McKeown, Team Disaster Area
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Material: Acrylic Plastic, White, 0.118 inches thick Change material. 1 part in the file. Overall dimensions: 9.000 inches X 3.000 inches ( 76.20 mm X 228.60 mm). See part details.

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  • File name: A0A0-A0A0-keyboard-jd40-h.inch.dxf
  • Number of parts in design: 1
    • Part 1 Size: 3.000 inches X 9.000 inches. Hole count: 40
  • Material: Acrylic Plastic, White
  • Thickness: 0.118 inches
  • Weight: 0.07 pounds

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Width: 9.000 inches (228.60 mm)

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Sale Note

Parts for the February 26-27 sale on aluminum 6061 0.3125" will ship starting on March 9.

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