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Save time by using stencil and script fonts in signs

When making signs with lettering, it can be tedious work to generate all the necessary bridges. This is true both when the letters are positive space (solid material) or negative space (holes). Fortunately, by using the correct font, you can save time and get a result that looks good.
When the letters form positive space, one good choice is to use a script font.

In the example below from David Kaufman, the Santa Fe script font was used to design two nameplates. The right hand side of the “f” had to be modified to connect with the “m”, but the rest of the letters naturally run together with this font.


Illustration : Nameplate signs from David Kaufman



Illustration : The font used in the examples above: Santa Fe LET

When the letters are negative space, you can use a stencil font. Below are a few examples of the varieties of stencil fonts which might be useful for your project.


Illustration : AG Stencil



Illustration : Bodoni Becker Stencil Bold



Illustration : Stencilia



Illustration : Tomorrow People. Note: some numbers and symbols may not
have appropriate bridges in this font.