Big  Blue Saw


As you may know, I started Big Blue Saw many years ago to help scratch my own itch of building fighting robots. So I'm happy to make TWO exciting announcements today regarding season 2 of BattleBots, TV's top new fighting robot show.

1. Big Blue Saw is again sponsoring Aptyx Designs. Aptyx Designs built Bite Force, last year's BattleBots champion. They've got a big announcement on their Facebook page coming up soon, so follow them there for more details, plus great information about how they put together their robots using waterjet cut parts from Big Blue Saw.

2. In other news, I will be competing AGAINST Aptyx Designs as part of Chaos Corps at BattleBots. Chaos Corps is an all-star team of builders including myself and Big Blue Saw Customer Advocate Julie Simancek. Our robot, Bombshell, packs a wallop and looks beautiful as well.
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