Big  Blue Saw


We are  now halfway through the BattleBots 2019 season. Let's take a look at the robots featuring custom parts from Big Blue Saw and see how they're faring.

BattleBots Season4 texas twister sharp

Texas Twister 2-0

This new robot from a veteran team has won its first two matches, including one convincing knockout.

BattleBots Season 4 Bite Force Sharpened

Bite Force 2-0

Returning champion Bite Force is off to a great start, winning its first two matches, one by knockout.

BattleBots Season 4 Minotaur Sharpened

Minotaur 2-3

After a slow start, Minotaur managed to reach the finals of the Desperado tournament. They've got some momentum, so they're one to keep an eye on.

BattleBots Season 4 BloodSport

Bloodsport 1-1

This rookie team has proven that their robot packs a powerful punch, defeating veteran team Lucky.

p1 with mini

P1 0-1

P1 is off to a slow start, losing to Sidewinder by KO. They're tweaking their drive and weapon system and will be back for more.

extinguisher beauty

Extinguisher 0-0

Sadly, we have  yet to see the powerful hammer and slick paint job of Extinguisher in action. They ARE scheduled for future fights, so keep your eyes open.

Overall, robots sponsored by Big Blue Saw now have a record of 7-5 in the BattleBots 2019 tournament. Need custom parts that are as tough as these BattleBots? Get an instant quote on custom parts now!