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Big Blue Saw has provided custom parts for the powerful fighting machines of BattleBots since the beginning. Some teams order from us quietly, not wanting to give away Big Blue Saw as their source. Other teams we sponsor as a way of helping out the sport and getting our name out to the public.

2020 was a strange year for everyone, and no less weird for BattleBots. After a few delays, BattleBots managed to put together a competition safely toward the end of the year. Now that the regular season episodes have been aired on Discovery and we're into the playoff tournament round of 32, let's take a look back at the robots we sponsored this past year.

First up is Ghost Raptor, captained by veteran competitor Chuck Pitzer.

ghostraptor battlebots 009

Ghost Raptor's season included a win over the technological marvel Chomp, finishing with a 1-2 record overall.

ghostraptor battlebots 013

 Next is college freshman John Flaacke's firefighting themed Extinguisher.

extinguisher battlebots2020 09

Extinguisher finished the season at 1-2, including a knockout win against the mighty Gruff. Extinguisher proved to have one of the fastest drive trains and best paint jobs at BattleBots.

extinguisher battlebots2020 07

Last, and definitely not least was P1, captained by Brandon Zalinsky.

p1 battlebots2020 02

P1 finished the BattleBots regular season with a 2-1 record, including 2 knockouts, one of which was a dominating televised win over Smeeee. Unfortunately, P1 was robbed of a slot in the 32 robot single elimination tournament by the selection comittee who must have been distracted by Faruq's beard. P1 was the only 2-1 team not to be called up for the round of 32.

p1 battlebots2020 08

Congratulations to all the teams for putting in the hard work of making a robot and showing up under the difficult circumstances of 2020. As sponsors, we're thrilled to see Big Blue Saw custom parts in front of the public and proud of all the competitors.

P1 and Ghost Raptor also featured in the BattleBots Bounty Hunters series. Keep watching BattleBots on Discovery or  Amazon Prime Video to find out who the winner of the giant will be. And if you need for your own custom robots parts, upload your design to our online system for an instant quote.