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Big Ripto

Here's Big Ripto, Kyle Singer's 30 pound combat robot. Big Blue Saw helped supply the business end of this machine: the cutting disc low-taper waterjet cut from ⅞ inch thick S7 tool steel.

Since S7 is not a material we typically offer, Kyle sent us a piece to work from.

He designed the entire robot using Alibre Design CAD software.


Have a look at Big Ripto's big disc doing its thing against Duck Yeah! at Motorama Robot Conflict in 2017. Incidentally, Duck Yeah! also was built with parts custom made by Big Blue Saw.

A closeup of the disc and some of the damage it did: FB IMG 1538860573729

Can we cut metals for you like S7 that are not on our list of standard materials? Usually, yes! Just contact us to get the process started.

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