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Tito Ferradans loves photography and experimenting with lenses to get the best images possible. This led him to creating laser cut inserts for a Pentacon 29mm lens to produce a wide angle image with close focus. Read more about it on his blog, or watch the video below.



When using the online quoting and ordering system it's easy to accidentally add features to the CAD drawing that can't be cut by waterjet or laser. Take countersinking, for example. Leaving countersinking lines in a drawing can lead to an incorrectly quoted price and even parts that get made in ways that you didn't intend.

This is a simple problem to diagnose and fix, once you know what you're looking for. Have a look at the example design shown above. The creator of the design had intended the three round holes to be cut along the smaller diameter, then a countersink created at the larger diameter shown. Here's the preview image you get when you upload this to Big Blue Saw's online ordering system:

It looks reasonably close to the intended outline, and if you weren't looking too closely, you might think that this is the intended outline for the part. But let's take a closer look at the description on the quote page:

Notice that the description mentions 4 parts in the file, not 1. When you click the part details page, you should get a better idea of what's going on.

Here you can see that the quoting system is interpreting the original 0.109 inch diameter holes as being solid parts. This means that the original countersink lines are now counted as holes in the larger part!

The solution is to delete the countersink lines before uploading the design to the quoting system.

Now the Part Details show a description of the part the way it was intended it to be.

Note that we can handle countersinking in many cases as a special order. Please contact us with your CAD file, plus the material, thickness, and number of pieces you need, and we can give you an exact price.

Heads up all waterjet cutting and robot fighting fans: the season premiere of BattleBots airs this Thursday, June 23rd. BattleBots is back, and Big Blue Saw is sponsoring the returning champion!

Aptyx Designs is entering a completely updated version of Bite Force, the winning robot from last year's event. Big Blue Saw is proud to once again sponsor this mighty machine and provide waterjet cut parts for Bite Force's frame.

Not only that, but Customer Advocate Julie Simancek and I are members of Chaos Corps, the crew behind Bombshell and Short Fuse, who will also be appearing.

The show starts at 8 PM (7 PM Central Time) on Thursday, June 23rd on ABC. Invite all your friends over for a viewing party!


The Instructables website is a great resource for makers looking for a new project or for getting tips on improving your existing skills.

Julie did some digging around and found these 4 great Instructables that use waterjet cutting to create wonderful things:

C-Clamps? 25 Other Clamps They Don't Want You To Know About...

Grappling Hooks

Getting Metal Parts Laser- or Waterjet Cut: A Beginner's Guide

Paw Print Bottle Openers

On Wednesday, June 15 through Friday, June 17, save on waterjet cut parts ordered through Big Blue Saw's online quoting system. During the sale, all parts waterjet cut from 6061 aluminum in 1/8 inch thickness will automatically receive a quantity discount.

Big Blue Saw is the easiest way to turn your ideas and designs into real parts. This sale can bring huge  discounts, so now is the time to get started on your project.

Let's take a look at how much you might save with a few examples.

This 21x21 inch robot baseplate is usually $114.40 in quantity 1. During the sale, it is only $56.05, a savings of 51%.

The nameplate you see above is typically $92.10 in quantity 1. During the sale,  you can pick it up for only $10.60, for a savings of $81.50.

This gearbox side plate shown above normally costs $92.10 in quantity 1. During the sale, you'll receive the quantity 10 price: just $9.93 for one piece. That's 89% off!

All the parts above are shown on our examples page.

You will need to order online during the sale to take advantage of the low prices.  Read about how to format your CAD files for use with Big Blue Saw. Or, for decorative pieces, you can use a properly formatted PNG or GIF file with our online quoting system as well.

Wrapping Up

Big Blue Saw's sale is Wednesday, June 15, through Friday, June 19. Save as much as 89% off on waterjet cut custom parts from aluminum 6061 in 1/8" thickness.

Get your CAD or PNG/GIF files ready and place your order with our online quoting and ordering system.