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General Updates

At this difficult time, we at Big Blue Saw want you to know that the health and well being our customers and employees are our highest concern. All of our employees have been trained on the hygiene practices and social distancing recommended by the CDC to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Employees who are able to work from home have been asked to do so. Employees who need to be on site to make your parts have been told to take extra precautions. Thankfully, we have a large facility with plenty of space!

On the positive front, none of our major suppliers (e.g. for raw stock materials) have reported or predicted any disruptions. We are 100% continuing on schedule and fulfilling your orders!

This is especially critical right now because we are currently processing orders in our shop for medical equipment directly needed for combating COVID-19. These orders are our top priority and we want to do all that we can to keep everyone safe. If you or someone you know needs parts for medical equipment, please let us know so we can do our part in helping out.

We know that many businesses and people are struggling due to the current economic disruption and slowdown. If you're out there and reading this, we have a special deal for you. Through April 1, we're offering deep discounts on custom waterjet cut parts. When ordering online, use the coupon code SPRING35 to save 35% off of orders of $399 or more of waterjet cut parts. With coupon code SPRING20, save 20% off of orders of $125 or more in waterjet cut parts. This applies only to online orders of waterjet cutting only, not laser or low-taper waterjet.

The virus will be be gone eventually, and in the meanwhile, there is still much work to be done. Stay healthy and keep your loved ones safe.

 rendering of overhaul

The Big Blue Saw Custom Part Army refers to all of the fantastic fighting robots we sponsor. We'd like to welcome Overhaul, a team based not far from our Atlanta headquarters. Internet-famous roboteer Charles Guan captains the team. Here's what they had to say about Big Blue Saw's involvement in Overhaul's construction:

A heartfelt welcome aboard to Big Blue Saw, our hometown favorite for waterjet and laser cutting on-demand custom parts from your drawings - as you know, a robot is basically a massive collection of one-off parts, and we're glad to have them behind us.

waterjet christmas

UHMW plastic, steel 1018, grade 5 titanium, and aluminum 6061 parts waterjet cut for Overhaul. The parts include sprockets, forks, brackets, and armor.

sprocket and bracket2

A closeup of some of the aluminum sprockets and brackets.

Overhaul will be competing at BattleBots in April, with matches airing on Discovery later this year. Good luck to them!

And remember: if you need custom sprockets, brackets, or structural pieces made from aluminum, steel, titanium, plastic, or other materials, please get a quote from our online quoting system or call 678-929-7294 (678-WAY-SAW-4).

Those of you who follow us know that we love to build custom parts for robots. No robots grab people's attention quite like the ones that compete at BattleBots. These robots go through some of the toughest conditions imaginable, having to stand up to deadly spinning disks, mighty hammers, flamethrowers, and much more.

The robots in the Big Blue Saw Custom Part Army all rely on parts made by Big Blue Saw. I'd like to highlight 2 returning members of the Custom Part Army who will be competing at BattleBots in 2020: Extinguisher and P1 Evo.

This fire-engine-themed robot has an upgraded drive system and more powerful axe for 2020. Team leader John Flaacke is hoping to bring the championship trophy home to Florida.


A fan drawing of the new Extinguisher by @calebrobotart

extinguisher arm

The aluminum alloy axe arm, fresh off the waterjet.

IMG 20200207 160605

AR500 parts for Extinguisher being cut on one of our waterjet machines.

P1 Evo
In 2020, P1 Evo (formerly just P1) is created and operated by manufacturing engineer Brandon Zalinsky and mechanical engineering student Luke Bittenbinder. P1 Evo features a racing theme and is designed to be fast and toss opponents around with its front flipper.

An early rendering of P1 Evo

forks1 levelsCorrected

AR500 forks waterjet cut by Big Blue Saw.

20200208 222806One of our waterjets making parts from AR400 for P1 Evo.

Aluminum and AR steel parts made for P1 Evo.

Need custom parts like these that will stand up to the toughest conditions like P1 Evo and Extinguisher? Don’t hesitate to upload your designs to our online quoting system and order them now! Or call 678-929-7294 to speak with customer advocates if you've got questions about custom parts.

 printer render

Postmark Inc., a designer and manufacturer of equipment for package handling and printing, recently let us know that they needed custom parts for a new printer they were devising. This printer is fed by a conveyor belt and uses an inkjet to print on cartons or other items up to 8 inches thick.

printer parts

From the CAD designs provided by Postmark's engineering team, Big Blue Saw was able to create a set of custom aluminum brackets using our waterjet cutter.

 Here's a photo of the finished product at a trade show. See if you can spot all the waterjet cut parts. 

printer photo

If you're making industrial automation equipment or prototypes, Big Blue Saw can help. Get started by uploading your CAD designs for an instant online quote. Need help? Call us at 678-929-7294 (678-WAY-SAW-4).


Recently, one of our customers, Mark Cushman, wrote in to describe the success he had with a custom aluminum part made using Big Blue Saw's services. In this case, it was a custom gas can mount for his Triumph motorcycle. Here's what Mark had to say about why he chose Big Blue Saw:

I've used your services before in 2016 and was happy with them (I did a mock-up acrylic plate for an aluminum project I was doing), so I was familiar with your services. 
He went on to describe his new project:
 Recently I had a need to create another aluminum plate that was a little simpler, you can see the attached photos for what I did with it. 
IMG 20200124 182533
It's basically a mount to add a roto-molded gas tank popular with off-road guys to the factory rack.  Since this was a simpler design I decided to go back to you guys and do the finishing myself.  [...] 
IMG 20200124 205654

Mark wanted to do some custom finishing on his own. Note that Big Blue Saw can add a finish to your parts, as well as countersink and tap holes.

A real machine shop would have been able to do a cleaner job than I did (see photo).  This part is much less visible than the first one I designed so I'm happy with the output and my finishing.
IMG 20200124 210950
 I'm very happy with how it turned out and your shipping was FAST!  I uploaded the file on Sunday and it was on my doorstep on Thursday, so that is a fantastic turnaround time.  Thank you!



Ready to make your custom aluminum parts with Big Blue Saw? Get started by uploading the designs now!

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