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A quick heads up: next week we're doing a sale on 1/8 inch aluminum. This sale will be especially great if you haven't tried Big Blue Saw yet, as we're also going to be offering discounts on shipping. Keep watching this space.

Recently I was invited to talk at Kittredge Magnet School's 4th graders for career day. I talked about starting Big Blue Saw,  running a business, and, of course, fighting robots. Here are a few of the wonderful thank you notes they sent me afterward, including great robot designs, action packed robot fights, BattleBots tributes, and curious questions.

Thank You note

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Thank You note

Thank You note

Thank You note

Thank You note


  • If you're interested in making a fighting robot, check out the SPARC Getting Started Guide.
  • I think my favorite thing about being the founder of Big Blue Saw is being able to help our customers create wonderful things.
  • I have 2 robots the work currently.
  • Our lasers do not kill people.
  • I'm not sure. Did you know that there's a laser inside every DVD player?

Thank You note

Thank You note

Thank You note

Thank You note

Thank You note

Thank You note

Thank You note

Thank You note

It was fun talking to the kids. I had a great time!

If you’ve heard me talk about Big Blue Saw before, you know I’m a passionate guy. The story on why I created the company has been told before, but I often find people who are also curious about today’s story.

In other words, what goes on during a typical day at Big Blue Saw? How do our waterjet cutting services work?

There’s a lot more to our shop than what meets the eye. Learn what we do, how we do it, and who makes it all happen as we go behind the scenes at Big Blue Saw.

An Average Day

It’s difficult to describe an average day at Big Blue Saw. On a Monday, we might be working on several robot parts. Tuesday might bring custom motor mounts and the rest of the week could be a mixture of electronic components and prototype parts.

While projects change from day to day, one thing that doesn’t is my dedicated team. I set up shop in 2005 in the great city of Atlanta, Georgia and I’ve been fortunate enough to employ some of the area’s industry experts.

Big Blue Saw’s customer advocates, Channie and Julie, bring creativity and customer service together while Clint, our shop manager, oversees all our part development, backed by his 20 years of manufacturing experience.

The Big Blue Saw family is a reliable constant that ensures a seamless experience for our customers. Here’s how it all comes together.

Waterjet Front quarter L high A

Sorry to disappoint, but we don’t actually use a “big blue saw” to cut out parts. The company name sounds better than “large teal machine” though, don’t you think?

From Vision to Reality with Waterjet Cutting Services

Every part that leaves our shop starts with a customer’s vision. Whether they need a part for a custom motorcycle or a fighting robot, our free CAD design tool can make their vision come to life. We’re always updating and improving our software to make it easier for customers to use, even if they’ve never virtually designed a part before. If someone is designing and needs some help, there are several resources available. Designers can:

Once a designed part has been submitted for fabrication, we review it, address any questions or concerns, and add the project to our queue.

Next, the design is put into the waterjet cutting machine, which fabricates the part from a specified material.

Waterjet Screen A

Even though we let our machine do the heavy work, we’re always involved during the fabrication process through our software.

If you’ve never seen a waterjet machine in action before, the first time is always impressive. While some machine shops are operating with antique equipment, we use a state-of-the-art waterjet cutting machine that can effortlessly carve through a variety of materials with incredible power and accuracy.

Once the part is finished, we inspect it and carefully package it for shipping. In just a couple weeks, a customer can be holding a part or tool that only existed in their mind before.

We’re far from the only machine shop out there. But that doesn’t mean our waterjet cutting services are the same as all the rest. Here’s what makes us unique.

  • Our software is always available and evolving.
  • Our machinery is continuously maintained and upgraded.
  • Our customer service is prompt, personal, and professional.

Together, these commitments to excellence create the Big Blue Saw experience.

The Future of Big Blue Saw

The Big Blue Saw team works every day to exceed expectations. We follow industry news to stay ahead of the competition and believe there’s always room for improvement.

Waterjet Simon Clint more21

Clint and I are always looking for ways to improve industry technology. We understand the success of a project relies on its design, which is why we spend so much time focused on our design software and integration.

As the owner and founder of Big Blue Saw, I’m thrilled with where we are today. But I want tomorrow to provide our customers with even faster, better parts. I’m always looking to improve without compromising the personal touch customers appreciate.

If you’ve been shut out or disappointed by a machine or fabrication shop before, but still have big dreams, Big Blue Saw can help. You’ll experience a simple design process, fair prices, and quick delivery, whether you need one part or a thousand. We’re genuine people passionate about our waterjet cutting services. To put it simply, we provide real parts, made by real people, that provide real solutions.

Join our mailing list to stay updated on what’s happening at Big Blue Saw. When you’re ready, start the waterjet design process and create on your own terms.


Starting Tuesday, March 12, get great savings on aluminum in 2 of our most popular thicknesses!

Just order your custom waterjet cut aluminum 6061 parts in 0.16 inch or 0.25 inch thickness using our online quoting system and you'll automatically receive a quantity discount, even when you order as little as 1 part.


Questions and Answers about Big Blue Saw's Sale

  • What is on sale?
    Custom parts from your designs made using 2 different stock materials: aluminum alloy 6061  in 0.16 inch (about 5/32" or 4.1 mm) thickness and aluminum alloy 6061 in 0.25 inch (¼" or about 6.3 mm) thickness.
    Low-taper is not on sale.
  • How much will I save?
    Orders as small as 1 part will automatically receive the quantity 10 discounted price. The dollar amount depends on the design and quantity ordered. 
  • How can I order with the sale price?
    Just upload your design to our online quoting and ordering system, and check out through the website shopping cart. You will automatically receive the discount price when placing your order. No need to use coupon codes or other tricks.
  • I don't have a design. How can I make one?
    Use your favorite CAD or vector image software. If you don't have this kind of software, check out our list of free or low-cost alternatives. Also, be sure to  read about how to format your CAD files for use with Big Blue Saw
  • I didn't hear about your sale until just now and don't have time to get my design ready. When is your next sale?
    Sign up for our mailing list to get early notifications about the next sale.
  • I have special requirements for shipping, secondary machining, or rush processing my order. Can I still get the sale price?
    To get the sale price, orders must be placed through the website. So typically we cannot accommodate special requests for sale parts.
Hurry, this offer ends Thursday, March 14, 2019, at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

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How's this for a sweetheart deal? For the rest of the month of February, get free shipping on custom waterjet cut parts. When ordering online, you can get free shipping on any order of waterjet cut parts of $150 or more to anywhere in the US!

Just make sure that you choose "February Waterjet Free Shipping" when you check out to take advantage of this deal.

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Upload your designs now to our online quoting and ordering system to get free shipping this month.