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Brandon Young of Bone Dead Robotics wrote in to tell us about two fighting robots he designed in Solidworks and built with the help of custom parts from Big Blue Saw.
The robot above is a 12lber named  Atrocious. Brandon tells us:
It's the third revision of the design where I used 5/16" 6061 for the frame rails. The goal is to be a powerful lifter with four-wheel drive; it evolved into a sort of mini-Whiplash. Its first competition was at Franklin Institute 2018 but the drive proved to be too much for the Markforged Onyx pulleys and the #25 chain that powered the lifter was broken by the power of the gearbox. It took no real damage so it should be ready for Motorama 2019!
Some of Brandon's CAD designs for Atrocious and Vlonco to be waterjet cut from 5/16 inch thick aluminum.
More parts designed to be waterjet cut from 1/2 inch aluminum 6061 for a 60 pound robot from Bone Dead Robotics.
Below, we have the 3 pound robot "Vlonco".
Brandon says:
It was named that as an homage to Vlad the Impaler and Bronco since that is where most of the inspiration came from. It has two central frame rails also made from 5/16" 6061 but they are designed to compress the Markforged Onyx components throughout the robot; it was designed as a test to get maximum strength with 3D-printed and aluminum components. It also competed at Franklin Institute but due to mysterious drive problems with the brushless drive it never got the chance to test its strength. It should also be ready for either Motorama 2019 or Bot Blast 2019!
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