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To create something that's a marvel of functionality and beauty takes time. In fact, one customer let us know that he had recently completed a project using parts we waterjet cut for him all the way back in 2011. James Jamison finally finished the electric guitar you see here, and it's a beauty!

Here's what he had to say about this project:

The shape is based on a slimmed down 1960's Höfner Verythin guitar that I used to have.  I traced a photo in CAD and then sent it off to you. 

It was a very slow build it as it's not anywhere near a standard guitar.  I did a lot of thinking and assembling / disassembling as I was building it.

The top and back were done freehand with a polished ball peen hammer against a wooden board. I made a simple uke as a prototype to work out the technique.  It's tricky, as every strike makes a divot, but also twists the sheet.  Half of the pounding is taking the twist out.
Electrically it sounds great, just the same as any electric guitar.  I've also got a microphone inside that I can mix into the output.  The microphone system needs work.  Currently it's really great at making feedback at the resonant frequency of the metal top.
Big Blue Saw waterjet cut the top, bottom, and tail pieces from 0.02 inch thick 260 alloy brass from James's designs.
The inside was waterjet cut by Big Blue Saw from 3/4 inch thick oak plywood.
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