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Brogue Motorcycles modifies motorcycles and builds custom bikes from scratch. But they wanted to reach a wider audience for their mechanical art, so they designed and created a product they could sell to customers: a lighting kit for the Suzuku TU250 motorcycle. Mike Schartz of Brogue tells me that this bike is a great choice for modifications due to its low cost and a large base of after-market accessories.

Brogue Motorcycles does their cutting, grinding, welding, soldering, bending, fiberglass, upholstery and powder coating in house. They were also able to use their experience in aviation and sheet metal repair to bring this product to market. They used custom waterjet cut parts from Big Blue Saw to speed up the creation process at a reasonable price. 



Brogue Motorcycles chose a combination of aluminum and stainless steel materials based on their weldability, formability, and strength. The waterjet cut parts were designed in AutoCAD.



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