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 assembled components 800

We are often contacted by our customers about making custom enclosures for their electronics projects. An enclosure might be needed for a custom keyboard, Arduino based game machine, radio transmitter, or any of the hundreds of other electronic projects built by imaginative Big Blue Saw fans.

Occasionally we'll hear from people who feel that Big Blue Saw's waterjet and laser cutting services can't make a custom enclosure. But those in the know realize that you can use the stacking technique to build a custom three dimensional case out of parts cut from thin, flat sheet.

Take a look at the CAD layout of the parts below. These pieces are intended to be stacked together to make the final enclosure.


You can see this design cut from 3 mm thick clear acrylic below.

pieces layout noflash 800

 The pieces stack together so that the piece with the circular cutouts for the controls is on the top and the solid piece is on the bottom.

assembled 800

 The pieces in the center have slots in them so that there is an opening for wires or a connector.

rear connector 800

Components such as connectors, switches, buttons and indicator lights can be installed on the top piece. This panel can be customized with openings to match the components you need in your application.

assembled components 800

When you're ready with your own enclosure design, why not upload it to our quoting system for instant pricing and online ordering?

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