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Sandy Ganz has worked with us before on his Sunbeam Tiger project. Recently, Sandy found himself in need of some new motor mounts for a classic Mustang.

Unsatisfied with the quality of off the shelf motor mounts, Sandy took it upon himself to design and fabricate new ones with the help of Big Blue Saw. Here's what he told us about this endeavor:

The project was to replace some thinner motor mounts for my 1965 Mustang 
track car. The car had bent up the commercial mounts over the 

years, and given the current price and durability I decided to make them 
myself with the help of QCad and BBS. My application also needed them to 
be cut and ground up to fit the block I use, so in re-engineering them I 
made them fit without modifications as well as making the base and riser 
(part that holds the tubing) thicker 3/8" vs 1/4".  You can see the 
difference old and new.


The parts were waterjet cut by Big Blue Saw from 0.375 inch (3/8") thick Cold Finished Steel 1018. More photos of the finished parts being fit together prior to welding:



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