Big  Blue Saw



When Dennis Boring wanted to add twin turbochargers to his custom motorcycle, he needed a mounting bracket that would be durable and look as good as the rest of the bike. Dennis turned to Big Blue Saw for help in creating it.

He began by creating a 3D CAD model of the upgrades.


Below is the turbo bracket isolated from the rest of the model.


This was then exported to a 2D DXF file for Big Blue Saw to use.

Stainless Laser Cut WJ Package

Dennis also tested the fit of the design on the actual motorcycle using plywood parts he cut on his own laser cutter.



Satisfied with the fit, he ordered the pieces to be waterjet cut from 0.135 inch thick stainless steel 316 using our online quoting system.

The  pieces were fit together and TIG welded in place before final installation.


Here's what Dennis had to say about Big Blue Saw:

The first step was to fabricate the turbo support bracket from the pieces I had waterjet cut at Big Blue Saw which you can go check out at .
They have you upload your DXF file(s) to their website, pick the material used, the thickness, and any further processing or finishing and then provide a detailed quote for the work. Nest your parts tight and fill in all the space you can for the best pricing. The workmanship is beyond compare! I recommend them 100% for any waterjet process needs.


If you want to install your own custom twin turbos, or are just interested in finding out more, Dennis's website is The Original Flapper Adapter and his contact information is available there.