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Starting April 18, 2022, quoting and ordering will begin moving from Big Blue Saw to the Xometry website. You'll continue to be able to get fast service and instant quotes, in addition addition to a whole host of new materials and manufacturing processes!


We've had a number of customers over the past year building their very own BB-8 astromech droid. One of the more popular designs for the internal drive mechanism comes from We have had a number of other people inquiring about the design, but who haven't had the complete design ready for our online quoting and ordering system. So with Ed's permission, we've added all of the drive parts as a single design to our Astromech Droid Parts page.

If you are building a BB-8 style droid, be sure to review Ed's BB-8 Build Guide. You should also stop by the BB-8 Builders Club and review the forum thread on building based on Ed's design.

Ed has a lot of other interesting projects and information for makers on his website as well. I was especially impressed by his system for hardware and wire organization.

You can see in the video below how the whole thing comes together.

Check out all of the Astromech part designs on the Astromech example parts page. And if you're building your own droid with parts from Big Blue Saw, be sure to let us know!

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