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Mechanical Elements is a web feature from Synthesis Engineering Services, an engineering and design services company. Recently, Synthesis founder and mechanical engineer Eldon Goates wrote to tell me about a project featured on Mechanical Elements which he was able to complete using waterjet cut steel parts from Big Blue Saw. Eldon set out to design a superior trailer which would allow small vehicles to haul many of the same things which you'd ordinarily use a truck for: sheets of plywood, landscaping materials, and the like.

His background working in the Advanced Powertrain area of Ford Motor Company helped him design the Twin Torsion Axle Walking Beam Trailer Suspension. This suspension allows superior ride control and damping when compared to existing mass produced trailers.


Eldon designed the suspension in Pro/E and exported to DXF format for waterjet cutting. Big Blue Saw was able to cut many of the parts for the prototype trailer from Hot Rolled Steel A36 in 0.25 and 0.188 inch thickness.

The individual waterjet cut parts were then welded together along with the tubular frame.


To see how it works, take a look at this video of the suspension in action:

If you want to build a suspension like this, plans are available in 2 sizes.  Get the plans and Big Blue Saw will be happy to cut the parts for you.

If you're developing something new like Synthesis Engineering and need custom waterjet cut parts, get them using our online quoting system, the fastest and easiest way to order parts online.


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