Big  Blue Saw


{yuizoom engraving/0125AcrylicClear-thumb.jpg|engraving/0125AcrylicClear.jpg} Thanks to the new laser, we're now able to support engraving for all laserable plastics, including acrylic, acetal, and PETG. The above photo shows 0.118 inch thick acrylic with engraving.

The photos below show black acetal and clear PETG plastic, each with engraving.

{yuizoom engraving/0125AcetalBlack-thumb.jpg|engraving/0125AcetalBlack.jpg} {yuizoom engraving/0063PETGClear-thumb.jpg|engraving/0063PETGClear.jpg}

We have also added engraving features to the Big Blue Saw Designer to support this functionality. There are two new buttons on the toolbar which convert shapes into an engraved design on your part. We'll have a tutorial on creating engraving with the Big Blue Saw Designer soon.

There are also a couple related new features in the Designer: a new text tool, as well as support for unclosed curves.