Big  Blue Saw


Recently you may have seen FarmBot mentioned on Hacker News, Smithsonian, Farm Forum,  or The Verge. We mentioned FarmBot here in October of last  year. 

Rory Aronson, founder of FarmBot says:

These waterjet cut plates are one of the main structural elements of FarmBot - humanity's open-source CNC farming machine. Combined with aluminum extrusions, these plates are used to mount motors, wheels, and 3D printed components of all sorts to form FarmBot's tracks, gantry, cross-slide, and z-axis sub-assemblies. If you're interested in building a FarmBot of your own, go to to download the latest .DXF file, then place an order from Big Blue Saw for a set of plates made from 0.1875" 6061 aluminum, and follow the build instructions available at the FarmBot website!

We've also put the June 2016 version of the DXF file on our examples page.