Big  Blue Saw



Magnified Lab Solutions provides advanced tools for histology: working with living tissues under a microscope. As you might imagine, working with things on a tiny scale requires precision equipment. Magnified Lab Solutions' process for manufacturing high quality, feature packed foreceps begins with Big Blue Saw. We use their CAD design to waterjet cut the stainless steel blanks which ultimately become finished instruments.

foreceps cad

They do a lot of specialized work to finish their foreceps from the waterjet cut blanks we provide. Matt Sabater gives the rundown on all the skilled work they do to turn the blanks we create into finished products:

Starting from the water-jetted forceps blanks we variably work harden them. We like the tips and spring zone to have a different level of hardness then the forceps body. From their we move to initial finishing operations (removing burrs, marks, etc.). We use a custom manual press brake to perform the bending operations. Next the forceps move onto secondary finishing (graining, polishing). The most difficult part is maintaining dimensional symmetry throughout the processes (really just a careful eye and a steady experienced hand). Final steps are etching logos, shaping the tips, passivating, and inspection. Most forceps are just stamped and forged from two separate blanks. To do it from a single blank and add bending and work hardening to the mix is when craftsmanship really comes into play.