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Our Next Sale

Do you remember the last time you got a big discount on custom CNC waterjet cut parts? At Big Blue Saw we like to announce our sales early so that our customers can get their designs prepared before the big event.

Here's the deal: Big Blue Saw's next sale will run from Monday, May 9, through Wednesday, May 11, 2016. This time around we will be featuring discounts on 1/8 inch thick aluminum 6061 alloy. (That's 0.125 inch or just over 3 mm thickness.) All orders placed online during the sale for this material will automatically receive a quantity discount.

Examples of Savings

This 21x21 inch robot baseplate is usually $114.40 in quantity 1. During the sale, it will be available for the quantity 10 price of only $56.05, a savings of 51%.

The nameplate you see above is typically $92.10 in quantity 1. During the sale,  you can pick it up for only $10.60, for a savings of $81.50.

This gearbox side plate shown above normally costs $92.10 in quantity 1. During the sale, you'll receive the quantity 10 price: just $9.93 for one piece. That's 89% off!

All the parts above are shown on our examples page.

Getting Ready
You will need to order online during the sale to take advantage of the low prices. Get your CAD file ready early so that you're not in a rush on the final day of the sale. Read about how to format your CAD files for use with Big Blue Saw. Or, for decorative pieces, you can use a properly formatted PNG or GIF file with our online quoting system as well.

When you've got the design ready, upload it to our online quoting and ordering system. Again, it pays to get started early to identify any problems with your design before the sale starts.

Wrapping Up

Big Blue Saw is having a sale this coming Monday, May 9, through Wednesday, May 11. Save as much as 89% off on custom parts from aluminum 6061 in 1/8" thickness.

Get your CAD or PNG/GIF files ready early to make sure that you can order with our online quoting and ordering system. Check back on the day of the sale, and sign up for our mailing list for a reminder of when the sale starts.