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Motorama testbox

Jonathan and Duck Yeah at Motorama 2017

 Before he became world famous as the builder of HUGE, Jonathan Schultz was a senior in college who had never built a single robot. In 2016, he turned to Big Blue Saw to provide the parts for Duck Yeah, a 30 pound robot which fought at the Franklin Institute  and Motorama events.

I designed it after similar robots like Shaka that also compete in the 30lb Featherweight class in the northeast. The main difference that I tried to go for was to not pack electronics under the front wedge like similar competitors, but to have it be a breakaway wedge leaving smaller wedgelets underneath. And to have the wedgelets be breakaway from super thick front panels. 

Pretendobot 1

Duck Yeah in the assembly phase

 This worked well in competition, keeping all opponents from digging into the main chassis at all, leaving the internals untouched even though it suffered some fairly brutal losses. I just didn't account for how little grip the tires would have, resulting in opponents not being able to actually climb the wedge to get to the disk often. And a motor exploded just from general shock and vibration of combat.

Franklin Workbench

 Duck Yeah's 2016 appearance

 I brought it to the 2016 Franklin Institute event first, but it was unfinished and suffered reliability problems. I then brought it to Motorama 2017, and did well, getting a 3-2 record. 

Duck Yeah in action vs Poncho at Motorama in 2017


Robot Presentation

Who says fighting robots aren't educational? Jonathan's Senior project presentation.

 In its final fight, its disk got smashed to bits and I've spent the couple years since focusing on Huge-related stuff. I may drag it back out in the coming months, it still runs and drives fine, just needs a disk.

Broken Disk

The price of experience

Duck Yeah and HUGE

 Duck Yeah and Huge (not HUGE)

6061 T6 Aluminum .375 Assembly Sized.DXF.dxfS7 Tool Steel .750 Disc.DXF.dxf UHMW PE .250 A Sized.DXF.dxf UHMW PE .375 B Sized.DXF.dxf

Various CAD designs for Duck Yeah's parts

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