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I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Igor Knezevic of Alienology, a Los Angeles design studio. Igor creates, among other things, jewelry and lighting. His work makes extensive use of modern manufacturing techniques, like waterjet cutting, laser cutting, and 3D printing.

In this interview, he talks about the Milan Design Festival, problems facing young designers, as well as his own work and inspiration.

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Igor talked about how attending the Milan Design Festival ultimately led to him using modern computerized rapid production techniques to realize his designs. He asked a simple question to the various designers he met about their work:

"Can I buy it?"

...Invariably, your would get an answer sort of like: "This is a prototype and now we are looking for a manufacturer and distributor"... 95% would tell me the same thing.

I went out of there thinking "Am I crazy or are they crazy?"... Finding a distributor and a company that will manufacturer that will actually license that from you is just like releasing a music CD; it's a slim chance. And I went out of there thinking, you know what, when I do my stuff, I'm just going to make it. It must be available for sale. What's the point in making endless series of prototypes and then looking for somebody to license to? Because once you license stuff out, you're lucky if you get 4-10% of sales.


I think that there's a whole new time coming where a manufacturer like [Big Blue Saw] can help us designers to do our little short series of objects that we can revise frequently and improve them. Then I, the designer, can go on the business side and say "look, now I have it available".

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