Big  Blue Saw


 rendering of overhaul

The Big Blue Saw Custom Part Army refers to all of the fantastic fighting robots we sponsor. We'd like to welcome Overhaul, a team based not far from our Atlanta headquarters. Internet-famous roboteer Charles Guan captains the team. Here's what they had to say about Big Blue Saw's involvement in Overhaul's construction:

A heartfelt welcome aboard to Big Blue Saw, our hometown favorite for waterjet and laser cutting on-demand custom parts from your drawings - as you know, a robot is basically a massive collection of one-off parts, and we're glad to have them behind us.

waterjet christmas

UHMW plastic, steel 1018, grade 5 titanium, and aluminum 6061 parts waterjet cut for Overhaul. The parts include sprockets, forks, brackets, and armor.

sprocket and bracket2

A closeup of some of the aluminum sprockets and brackets.

Overhaul will be competing at BattleBots in April, with matches airing on Discovery later this year. Good luck to them!

And remember: if you need custom sprockets, brackets, or structural pieces made from aluminum, steel, titanium, plastic, or other materials, please get a quote from our online quoting system or call 678-929-7294 (678-WAY-SAW-4).