Big  Blue Saw



Earlier this year, we asked the public to pick a new name for our new waterjet, an Omax Maxiem 1530. The winning name, which beat out 15 other contestants in the tournament, is "Wetty McCutterface", suggested by Lilith Specht. Congratulations to Lilith, who wins $150 in custom parts from Big Blue Saw.

Says Lilith:

What was originally a spin on a meme name actually turned out to be liked! It is surprising, though shout outs to the other awesome names. It feels awesome to win the honor of naming the new family member of a company as fantastic as Big Blue Saw! Stay wet and cut on!


Here are two of Big Blue Saw's waterjet experts, Joshua and John, showing off Wetty McCutterface. Want Joshua, John and Wetty to make your custom parts? Upload your design now for an instant quote.