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Starting April 18, 2022, quoting and ordering will begin moving from Big Blue Saw to the Xometry website. You'll continue to be able to get fast service and instant quotes, in addition addition to a whole host of new materials and manufacturing processes!

Create something new during Big Blue Saw's sale on custom aluminum and stainless steel parts. Any parts, no matter how audacious the design*, ordered online from the sale stock materials, will automatically receive a quantity discount. The sale materials are aluminum 6061 in 0.063 inch thickness and stainless steel 304 in 0.06 inch thickness.

If you're not sure what those thicknesses are like, note that a penny (US 1 cent coin) is 0.06 inches thick, or 1.52 mm, the same thickness as the sale stainless steel. The sale aluminum is slightly thicker.

The sale takes place on just 2 days: Tuesday, March 14 and Wednesday, March 15.

Both materials have a variety of uses including control panels, fan guards, stencils, drone parts, signs, robot mounting plates, and lighting brackets. But don't feel limited by what others have done: the flexibility of the waterjet cutting tool allows you to create parts for any application you can dream up.

The 0.06 inch thick stainless steel is particularly popular among custom keyboard builders, as it's the right thickness for standard mechanical keyswitches to clip in place.

If you're looking for some creative inspiration: Monday, March 13 is the 96th birthday of Al Jaffee, the Guiness record holder for "Longest career as a comics artist".

One of Mr. Jaffee's regular features in Mad Magazine are his inventions: solutions to everyday problems with an outrageously funny mechanism. There's the twist, though: some of his inventions actually ended up being made. For example, Jaffee imagined a self-extinguishing cigarette long before it became reality. His work is even cited in the patent. Another I noticed recently was the electricity generating sidewalk installed in Washington, DC last year. It relies on pedestrian footsteps to generate electrical power. But, of course Mr. Jaffee thought up the idea many years before. The Jaffee cartoon below is from a collection published way back in 1978!


Not sure what you'd like to create during the sale? Have a look at our example designs, projects made using Big Blue Saw, more projects made using Big Blue Saw, still more projects made using Big Blue Saw, yet again even more projects made using Big Blue Saw, and finally we've seen enough projects made using Big Blue Saw.

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* Well, as long as they can be created by waterjet cutting!

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