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Recently, one of our customers, Mark Cushman, wrote in to describe the success he had with a custom aluminum part made using Big Blue Saw's services. In this case, it was a custom gas can mount for his Triumph motorcycle. Here's what Mark had to say about why he chose Big Blue Saw:

I've used your services before in 2016 and was happy with them (I did a mock-up acrylic plate for an aluminum project I was doing), so I was familiar with your services. 
He went on to describe his new project:
 Recently I had a need to create another aluminum plate that was a little simpler, you can see the attached photos for what I did with it. 
IMG 20200124 182533
It's basically a mount to add a roto-molded gas tank popular with off-road guys to the factory rack.  Since this was a simpler design I decided to go back to you guys and do the finishing myself.  [...] 
IMG 20200124 205654

Mark wanted to do some custom finishing on his own. Note that Big Blue Saw can add a finish to your parts, as well as countersink and tap holes.

A real machine shop would have been able to do a cleaner job than I did (see photo).  This part is much less visible than the first one I designed so I'm happy with the output and my finishing.
IMG 20200124 210950
 I'm very happy with how it turned out and your shipping was FAST!  I uploaded the file on Sunday and it was on my doorstep on Thursday, so that is a fantastic turnaround time.  Thank you!



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