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Starting April 18, 2022, quoting and ordering will begin moving from Big Blue Saw to the Xometry website. You'll continue to be able to get fast service and instant quotes, in addition addition to a whole host of new materials and manufacturing processes!

After a few years of hosting the Big Blue Saw newsletter on our own infrastructure, we finally decided to let the real professionals at MailChimp handle this for us instead. If you've ever tried to run your own mailing list, you know what an incredible pain it can be dealing with bounced e-mails, mail servers going down, and the like.

I wish Big Blue Saw was half as easy and fun as MailChimp; so you should check it out even if you don't want an e-mail newsletter. And really, if you're running a small business or even just want to send out announcements to your personal fan club, it's a good idea to set one up. I'll post more info about my experiences with MailChimp once a couple newsletters have gone out.

If you're already on the old mailing list, you should be on the new mailing list. If you weren't on our old mailing list, or want to verify that you're going to receive the new mailing list, sign up below. We've got a couple great announcements coming up next week that subscribers will hear about first, including:

  1. The dates of our next sale.
  2. An upcoming promotion where you can refer a friend to Big Blue Saw and earn discounts for both of you.

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