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Waterjet Cutting

On Memorial Day 2020, May 25, save up to 20% off custom waterjet cut parts at Big Blue Saw with FREE SHIPPING. Use our online ordering system to place your order for waterjet cut parts totaling $199 or more. When you check out use coupon code MDAY2020 for 20% off of waterjet cut parts, and choose "Waterjet Free Shipping Special" to get free shipping to anywhere in the USA for orders up to 149 pounds.

This applies only to online orders of waterjet cutting only, not laser or low-taper waterjet.

Upload your designs and get an instant quote now! Hurry, these Memorial Day savings won't last.


Earlier this year, we asked the public to pick a new name for our new waterjet, an Omax Maxiem 1530. The winning name, which beat out 15 other contestants in the tournament, is "Wetty McCutterface", suggested by Lilith Specht. Congratulations to Lilith, who wins $150 in custom parts from Big Blue Saw.

Says Lilith:

What was originally a spin on a meme name actually turned out to be liked! It is surprising, though shout outs to the other awesome names. It feels awesome to win the honor of naming the new family member of a company as fantastic as Big Blue Saw! Stay wet and cut on!


Here are two of Big Blue Saw's waterjet experts, Joshua and John, showing off Wetty McCutterface. Want Joshua, John and Wetty to make your custom parts? Upload your design now for an instant quote.

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Summer is around the corner and sunshine is here. Use coupon code SUN20 for $15 off orders $149 or more of custom waterjet cut parts or SHINE20 for 15% off of $299 or more.

This means big savings on custom parts from YOUR designs made from aluminum alloy, stainless steel, polycarbonate and other materials.

 This applies only to online orders of waterjet cutting only, not laser or low-taper waterjet.

Upload your designs and get an instant quote now! Hurry, these discounts are only good through Friday, May 15, 2020.

OMAX Corporation, manufacturer of our newest waterjet cutting machine, is featuring Big Blue Saw as one of their customer success stories! Check it out:

IMG 2626

“Big Blue Saw has been selling waterjet cutting services since the company began in 2005,” explained Simon Arthur, President and Founder of Big Blue Saw. “I had first learned about the flexibility and utility of waterjet cutting as a competitor at BattleBots, where the most advanced teams used waterjet-cut parts on their combat robots. While Big Blue Saw originally outsourced all waterjet cutting, we eventually brought that operation in-house for the best part quality and customer service.”

Read more at the OMAX website.

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Earlier this year, we asked our social media followers to guess what was coming in the empty space in our shop. Well here it is: a brand new Omax Maxiem 1530 waterjet cutting machine! We brought this machine into our shop to help reduce the time it takes to ship the parts to you, our customers. Its new features, like the terrain follower, nicely complement our existing waterjet cutting capabilities.

Now we need your help. We need a name for this machine. Should we give it a friendly name like "Cuddles" or "Bambi"? Or maybe something more agressive like "Samson" or "Beast"? Let us know your thoughts. Head over to this Facebook post and leave your suggestion in the comments. One lucky person will win $150 in free waterjet cut parts!