General Updates


Grant Jones of MAISON Atlanta recently contacted us to laser cut the clear acrylic discs for the very architectural egg shown here. It's a demo egg to promote an egg decorating contest being held to benefit Atlanta Cotillion and AID Atlanta. First place prize is a trip and hotel for 2 to New York.

The competitors' eggs will be on display from May 14 - May 27, 2011 at MAISON Atlanta (Grant can't win, unfortunately).

Our Specacular Spring Sale: March 28 and 29


Big Blue Saw's Spectacular Spring Sale starts Monday, March 28. During the sale, we're offering big discounts on laser cutting and waterjet cutting of aluminum and plastic parts.

We are discounting parts made form two of our most popular materials: 0.125 (1/8) inch thick aluminum 6061 and 0.118 inch (3 mm) thick clear acrylic plastic. During the sale, setup charges will be drastically reduced so that you can get great savings on small orders. For instance, you can save big on aluminum parts: our "butterfly" example part will cost only $8.10 for a single part, a 90% savings off the regular cost!

Just place your order online from Monday, March 28, 2011 through Tuesday, March 29, 2011 to receive the discounted price.

Casey Kuhns, a Big Blue Saw customer for several years now, is an undergraduate in the physics department at the University of Northern Colorado. I recently spoke with Casey about various robotics and aerospace projects he has worked on, as well as the tools and techniques he has used for design and construction.

Casey on designing parts for laser and waterjet machining:

I really do like using... 2D profiles for a lot of my designs. Mostly because it's just quick. Working at a machining center, it takes hours to set up your part: you machine it, you flip it, you machine it and it's real nice to just send out parts to waterjet or laser... A lot of my designs for robots started as flat stock; I try to use that as often as possible.

Download/listen to the interview in MP3 format.

Casey on using Big Blue Saw:

I've really enjoyed working with [Big Blue Saw]. I've been a customer for quite some time... It was always a dream to just get things out. I've worked with other companies before you guys were around and I always kind of got this e-mail tag... It's real nice to be able to take a DXF or drawing file, throw it on the net, get an instant quote, put it in the cart, and be done with it. It's real easy to work with, especially [at] universities.

From the mind of Erik Laughlin comes this amazing robot he created for the Mech Warfare competition. This robot was custom designed using using Autodesk Inventor 2011 and includes many black acetal parts laser cut by Big Blue Saw.


Erik tells us that this machine, called Draco_08, has 16 servo motors and took him about a year to design and build. Its impressive appearance is no doubt due to Erik's background in sculpture.


Take a look at these fantastic videos of Draco_o8 in action:

Read more about Draco_08 on The Trossen Robotics forums.


Visit Erik's new website at


I'm live blogging from the Ferst Center on the campus of Georgia Tech. One of my customers, Jamison Go (better known as Tony Stark/Iron Man), is up for the Inventure Prize. Watch the event on Georgia Public Broadcasting right now and vote for Team Velociryder for the People's Choice Award!

Text to VELO or 8356 to 22333 at the end of the show to vote.