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General Updates


You can save big on custom aluminum parts with our sale that runs from Wednesday, October 29 through Friday, October 31. During the sale, all orders placed online for aluminum 6061 in 0.125" (1/8" or 3.2 mm) thickness will receive a quantity discount, no matter how small the order.

For example, our control panel example part will cost just $25.70 in quantity 1 during the sale, a savings of 72%. Our butterfly example part will cost just $9.20 in quantity 1, a savings of 90%!

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If you love parts that look good and last a long time, take a look at our latest additions in stainless steel. When you use our online quoting system and choose Stainless Steel T-304 material, you now have 7 new thicknesses to choose from:

Inches Millimeters Gauge

This is in addition to all the old thicknesses: 0.06", 0.09", 0.12", 0.125", 0.1875", 0.25", 0.375", 0.5", and 0.75", meaning we now offer 16 standard thicknesses of 304 stainless steel.

If you're having trouble deciding on the thickness of your part, here are a few common items and their thicknesses for comparison.

Dollar bill0.00430.1092
#9 Standard Razor Blade0.0090.2286
#12 Heavy Duty Razor Blade0.0120.3048
Credit Card0.0300.76
CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray Disc0.0471.2
US Dime0.0531.35
US Penny (Cent)0.0601.52
US Quarter0.0691.75
US Nickel0.0771.95
Canadian Polymer Banknote0.0040.091
Canadian 10 Cents0.0481.22
Canadian Cent0.0571.45
Canadian 25 Cents0.0621.58
Canadian Dollar0.0691.75
Canadian 5 Cents0.0691.76

As always, just let us know by e-mail if you're looking for a material or thickness that's not listed in the online quoting system.

Sample Aluminum & Stainless Parts

We will be having a sale on waterjet cut aluminum and stainless steel parts from Wednesday, August 20, through Friday, August 22. Any order placed online for 1/8 inch thick aluminum 6061 waterjet cut parts will automatically receive a large quantity discount. As a bonus, we've got a brand new thickness of stainless steel 304 that we're also putting on sale: 0.135" (10 gauge).

Take advantage of this sale to get a great price on those parts you've been putting off ordering. You can also use this sale to try out a new design or building technique without spending a lot of money.

Get ready for the sale by uploading your design to our online quoting system today.

I thought I'd let you know: we're putting aluminum custom parts on sale next week, July 7-9.

All orders placed online for 1/4 inch thick aluminum 6061 will receive a quantity discount. This material has proven to be quite popular in the past, as it's beefy enough to handle a variety of applications like motor mounts, brackets, and base plates. It can also be polished to a shine or sanded to a satin finish for decorative applications and signs.

For example, our control panel sample part normally retails for $103.30 in quantity 1. During the sale, you can pick one up for an even $46, a savings of 55%. Our sample gearbox plate part normally has a price of $92.10 in quantity 1, but will cost just $12.60 during the sale. That's 86% off the original price!

sample gearbox plate

This is a great time to try Big Blue Saw's capabilities for the first time or to order a small part to complete that project you've been putting off. Start working on your design now so you can be ready when the sale starts. I'll send you a reminder once the sale begins so you can take advantage of the savings.

Get started by uploading your design to our online quoting system.

Recently, a customer wrote to me to suggest that fellow builders (of electric bikes) were looking for parts of a certain material. However, the price was too high for them at the low quantities they wanted to order. Furthermore, these same people would be willing to wait a few weeks in order to get a lower price.

This got me thinking: there are probably many groups out there that could use a certain material/thickness combination, but aren't ordering because it's not cost effective in low quantity. Also, people across different interest groups might never have a chance to talk to each other to realize that they're looking for the same thing. So I came up with an experiment to see if we could help these folks.

Interested in a group buy and saving money? Here's what you should do:

1. Post a message in the comments section below explaining what you are looking for: material, thickness, a note about the quantity cost in the online estimator and what price you're aiming for. For example:

Any steel 0.05-0.12, estimator shows $6.61 in quantity 100, need a price of $12 or less.

If somebody else is already looking for the same material, you should reply to their message.

2. Let people who are involved in the same type of building know about this either by sharing a link to this page, or using the sharing links above. Remember, this will only work if we can get together a good number of people to participate. Head out to your favorite forums, post to Twitter, or just tap the person next to you on the shoulder and let them know about Big Blue Saw's group buy.

Post your comment before June 7, 2014. After that date, we will round up the orders for the top material/thickness (possibly more than one group if we get enough interest) and contact the participants for a group buy.

This is an experiment to see if we should try a similar process in the future.