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Starting April 18, 2022, quoting and ordering will begin moving from Big Blue Saw to the Xometry website. You'll continue to be able to get fast service and instant quotes, in addition addition to a whole host of new materials and manufacturing processes!

General Updates

At Big Blue Saw, we want to give you the best service, the highest quality, and the most options you can find for laser cutting . Today, we're giving you more choices than ever before by adding 18 new styles of material designed for laser cutting and engraving.

These materials make wonderful durable signs, art objects, instrument panels, picture frames, keepsakes, and whatever else you can imagine. Read on for more details about the materials we're adding.

{yuizoom engraving/0125AcrylicClear-thumb.jpg|engraving/0125AcrylicClear.jpg} Thanks to the new laser, we're now able to support engraving for all laserable plastics, including acrylic, acetal, and PETG. The above photo shows 0.118 inch thick acrylic with engraving.

The photos below show black acetal and clear PETG plastic, each with engraving.

{yuizoom engraving/0125AcetalBlack-thumb.jpg|engraving/0125AcetalBlack.jpg} {yuizoom engraving/0063PETGClear-thumb.jpg|engraving/0063PETGClear.jpg}

We have also added engraving features to the Big Blue Saw Designer to support this functionality. There are two new buttons on the toolbar which convert shapes into an engraved design on your part. We'll have a tutorial on creating engraving with the Big Blue Saw Designer soon.

There are also a couple related new features in the Designer: a new text tool, as well as support for unclosed curves.

We have three great pieces of news.

1. We now have a brand spanking new 100 watt Emission Technologies laser cutting and engraving machine. This will allow us to process a whole host of new materials and do it faster than ever before.

2. We're adding a couple new materials right now which work great with the new laser: black acetal plastic and clear PETG plastic. Both of these are very durable plastics that produce high quality parts when cut with a laser. Look for more varieties and colors of laserable materials to be added to the website in the coming months, including wood products, plastic, and more.

3. We're running our biggest sale ever on laser cutting. ALL laser cutting is on sale now through the end of the year. You can save up to 50% or more off of our regular laser cutting prices.

Keep watching for more details about the sale and information about our new materials.

Image We have updated the rendering of 2D and 3D parts quoting and ordering pages. We hope you like the new look.

We also made some significant changes to how prices are calculated for our Basic Finish option. This will reduce the cost of this finish significantly for most parts.

We are proud to announce Big Blue Saw's latest sale.

This is a two day sale scheduled for Monday, October 5, and Tuesday, October 6. We're giving you advance notice so you will have plenty of time to prepare your order for the most bang for your buck.

During our sale, we're offering a special deal on parts made from 1/4" (0.25") aluminum 6061 alloy. All orders placed using our online check out for 1/4"(0.25") aluminium 6061 alloy parts made by low-taper waterjet will automatically receive a quantity discount.

This is a great opportunity to try our some of our new finishing options, as well.

Remember, we at Big Blue Saw base our sales on what you, the customers, ask for most frequently. Therefore, be sure to leave us plenty of feedback so we can continue to serve your needs.