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General Updates

Some of you may have noticed that Big Blue Saw's web site was down yesterday and part of today. This was due to a fire leading to a loss of power near the Big Blue Saw Global Data Fortress. Power is now back and we're running as well as ever.

Vanessa Cutler, an artist from the UK, uses a waterjet to cut glass for her sculptural pieces.


As many of you know, robotics is one of my hobbies. So I was pretty pleased to find out that the Spring Flamingo, one of the first really good dynamically stable walking robots, has body panels made with a waterjet.

Lamina Design has software that lets you turn interesting 3D designs made in Rhino or other CAD software into wonderful 3D objects that can be made on a waterjet.


Some students at MIT used MIT's waterjet to create a flexible, interactive surface. The surface can be moved along the same dimension as the cut.