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You may recall our previous article showing the custom putter stand from Piretti Golf, makers of fine golfing gear. Bill Craig wrote in again to show  us a new rotating putter display, made with waterjet cut aluminum parts from Big Blue Saw. You can see the finished display above.

Let's take a look at how Big Blue Saw created the detailed design and aluminum parts. Bill started by sending us a photo of a template he made as well as a diagram showing the dimensions he needed.



There are very few features on this part that require high precision. The part doesn't mate with any others except for the hole in the middle. It was much more important that the piece look good and be able to hold the golf clubs.

From this sketch and the photo, we were able to come up with a CAD drawing for the putter holder, plus a couple other discs which were needed to complete the display.



Using the CAD design, we waterjet cut the parts from 0.25 inch thick aluminum 6061.

Bill and his team did the final assembly and finishing. The results look fantastic!


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