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custom JD40 keyboard

From customer Alexander Clark comes this custom keyboard made with parts from Big Blue Saw. The top plate and base plate were both laser cut by Big Blue Saw from 0.118 inch (3 mm) thick white acrylic plastic.

custom JD40 keyboard CAD

Alexander was able to assemble this keyboard from a JD40 circuit board from 1UpKeyboards, as well as 67 gram Zilent switches, and Signature Plastics DSA keycaps.

custom JD40 keyboard top plate

You may notice that he used 3 mm thick material instead of the more commonly used 1.5 mm (0.06 inch) for his keyboard top plate. This material is too thick for the switch clips to engage. He notes "[My switches] sit weird since I did PCB mount and switches won't clip in but once soldered they will stay in just fine."

custom JD40 keyboard bottom plate
custom JD40 keyboard corner closeup

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