Big  Blue Saw


I thought I'd let you know: we're putting aluminum custom parts on sale next week, July 7-9.

All orders placed online for 1/4 inch thick aluminum 6061 will receive a quantity discount. This material has proven to be quite popular in the past, as it's beefy enough to handle a variety of applications like motor mounts, brackets, and base plates. It can also be polished to a shine or sanded to a satin finish for decorative applications and signs.

For example, our control panel sample part normally retails for $103.30 in quantity 1. During the sale, you can pick one up for an even $46, a savings of 55%. Our sample gearbox plate part normally has a price of $92.10 in quantity 1, but will cost just $12.60 during the sale. That's 86% off the original price!

sample gearbox plate

This is a great time to try Big Blue Saw's capabilities for the first time or to order a small part to complete that project you've been putting off. Start working on your design now so you can be ready when the sale starts. I'll send you a reminder once the sale begins so you can take advantage of the savings.

Get started by uploading your design to our online quoting system.