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We're proud to announce the winners today of Big Blue Saw's Spring Design Contest. The contest was close because all of the entries had their strengths, but in the end our judges were abe to pick the winners.


First up, the Honorable Mentions, in no particular order:


2nd Place and winner of $150 in services from Big Blue Saw waterjet or laser cutting:

Spring Flowers by Ian M.

Ian designed this lovely vase and flowers so that nearly all the pieces could be made using Big Blue Saw. Says Ian:

In honor of the spring design contest, I decided to create a centerpiece which shows spring in two ways. The first is thematically with a fresh bouquet of flowers with butterflies flying around. The weather turns warmer, and the flowers start to bloom. The second is by construction technique for the vase. The vase is cut from three sheets of copper which are then stretched upwards to form the vase, one large spring.

Read more about it and download the CAD files from Ian's GrabCAD page.


Grand Prize Winner $300 in services from Big Blue Saw waterjet or laser cutting

Luma Scissors by Jeff K.

Barely edging out Spring Flowers to win the grand prize by a hair is Luma Scissors, by Jeff K. Luma Scissors are a moving sign for hair salons. His cause was no doubt helped by his detailed video explaining exactly how he puts together the Luma Scissors signs from parts made by Big Blue Saw.

Jeff is a big fan of waterjet cutting. He writes:

By taking advantage of the water jet process’s ability to make precise and intricate designs, I am able to reduce the cost of my parts and reduce the cost of assembly.

Read more about the Luma Scissors on their website.

A big thanks to everyone who entered and our esteemed judges!


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