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There's something really easy you can do to save money when you're ordering online from Big Blue Saw. I've mentioned it to many customers over the years. Here it is in one sentence:

If you have two or more parts that are made from the same material, combine all of your parts into a single file before uploading.

Let's take a look at how this might work. Suppose you have designed the two parts shown below, and want to purchase one of each. They're both going to be made from 0.25 inch thick 6061 alloy aluminum.



If each of the two parts is stored in a separate DXF file, you'll have to upload them separately. When you do this, your total cost will be $86.10 for the first part, and $81.10 for the second part, for a total of $167.20.

But take a look what happens when you combine both parts into a single DXF file, using your favorite CAD or design software as shown here.


The price comes down to $89.60 for both parts. That's a savings of $77.60, or over 46%!

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