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In the past, we've shown how to use Fusion 360 with Big Blue Saw to turn your designs into real parts. Since then, Autodesk has changed the features offered with different versions of Fusion 360 and Big Blue Saw has added new features to make it even easier to order custom parts. Let's take a step-by-step look at a simple way to use Big Blue Saw with every version of Fusion 360.

For the impatient: save your design as a STEP file and upload it to the online quoting system. The rest of you can read on...

Here's a typical design for a bracket designed in Fusion 360.

Fusion360Step 01

We'll need to export this design as a 3D STEP file. From the file menu, pick Export...

Fusion360Step 03

On the Export dialog which appears, choose STEP Files as the file type.

Fusion360Step 04 1

Be sure to choose a memorable name for the file, remember what directory you saved it to, and click Export.

Fusion360Step 05

Now we've created a STEP file which we can use with Big Blue Saw's online quoting system. Go to the Big Blue Saw homepage and click Get A Quote.

Fusion360Step 06

Pick the STEP file you created in Fusion 360 and click Upload.

Fusion360Step 08


The Big Blue Saw website will crunch the design and try to process the design from along each of the primary axes. In this case, the "Front" and "Rear" views are the only ones which are useful for the part to be made by waterjet or laser cutting. We'll click the Rear view to get to the next step.

Fusion360Step 09

Next  we need to choose a material and thickness. In this case, Aluminum 5052 in 0.125 inch thickness. 

Fusion360Step 10

Finally, we can see our the quote for our part. From this screen, you can choose finishing and cutting options, add the part to the shopping cart and check out.

Fusion360Step 11

Need special materials or have other requests for your order? Our customer advocates are standing by to help you. Just email us at, call 678-929-7294 (678-WAY-SAW4), or  contact us through the website!