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Among our professional clients, SolidWorks is the most popular way to design custom parts. Its large feature set, long history, and extensive ecosystem make it the go-to CAD software in many industries.

In the past, we've typically recommended that our customers who use SolidWorks export a DXF file for use with Big Blue Saw's online quoting system by creating a drawing of the part to be made and then exporting a DXF from that. While that technique works reasonably well for parts that are updated frequently, there's a simpler way to create a DXF from an existing part. Hat tip to Dustin Hardy for pointing out this easier method.

In this tutorial, we'll assume that you already have a part designed in SolidWorks that can be made using waterjet or laser cutting by Big Blue Saw.


Open the part that you want Big Blue Saw to make for you. Right click on the top face of the part and click Export to DXF / DWG.


The Save As dialog will appear. Enter a memorable, meaningful name for your file and click Save.


On the left hand side of the window, a tab will appear for DXF/DWG Output options. Most of the options here should be OK for most parts. Click the green checkmark button to proceed.


The DXF/DWG Cleanup  dialog will apear. This dialog allows you to modify the drawing if SolidWorks generates extraneous entities which you don't want in the final drawing. In our case, the drawing is completely clean and requires no modifications, so we'll just click Save.


Now you should have a brand new DXF file ready to use with Big Blue Saw's online quoting system. Upload the DXF for an instant quote on dozens of stock materials.


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