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Wikispeed is an open source road legal car, for commuting and racing. They take the idea of open source seriously and everyone is invited to collaborate.

Above you can see Car #007, built for testing new part versions. Many parts on this car were waterjet cut by Big Blue Saw: the front pedal plate, the suspension corners, pieces in the engine module and interior, and more.

Being open source, Wikispeed collaborators make use of a variety of CAD software, based on the preference of the individual designer. The most used package is Geomagic, with some members preferring SolidWorks, FreeCAD, or AutoDesk Fusion. The design files are available for free download

This video shows the Wikispeed SGT01 100 MPG car.

Joe Justice of Wikispeed sent us a few photos of the Wikispeed parts made by Big Blue Saw.
Here is a stack of steering knuckles waterjet cut from aluminum 6061, 0.25 inches thick.

Waterjet cut suspension A-arms. These were waterjet cut from 0.25 inch thick aluminum 6061.

The latest suspension knuckle version in a subassembly. 0.5 inch thick aluminum.


Prototype windshield and wiper frame, waterjet cut from 0.25 inch thick aluminum.

In this video, Joe Justice of the Wikispeed project discusses why the easy ordering and quick turnaround of Big Blue Saw is useful for the an open source car design.

Check out Wikispeed's YouTube channel for the latest updates and videos of the car in action.

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