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Our customers love acrylic. Acrylic plastics are versatile, attractive, and available in a variety of colors and thicknesses, so many people choose to have their parts laser cut from acrylic plastic. Parts made with Big Blue Saw have found their way into cars, motorcycles, robots, and works of art, among other things. Acrylic plastic is sometimes called "Plexiglas", a tradmarked name of one brand of acrylic plastic.

Big Blue Saw's online ordering system makes it easy to order laser cut acrylic.

Clear Acrylic Box
This box is made from laser cut 0.118 inch thick acrylic.

Laser Cut Acrylic Box
This box is made from a variety of laser cut acrylics, including black, clear, and blue.

Engravable Acrylics
Big Blue Saw offers acrylic in a variety of styles and colors.

Flexible Silver/Black Acrylic
This acrylic blend is flexible, has a metallic surface, and engraves to black on the laser.

Laser Cut Trains
Laser cutting of acrylic produces precise, clean edges.

Big Blue Saw offers instant online quoting and ordering. Order your custom cut laser parts by uploading your design now. If you don't have a design ready yet, you can use the Big Blue Saw Designer to create one.

Or find out more about Big Blue Saw's services by reading our Frequently Asked Questions with answers.