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Our computers use the CAD drawing you upload to determine what your part will look like. To make sure that your part comes out exactly how you want, keep these tips in mind. STEP is an open standard for 3D files that are readable and writable by almost all 3D CAD programs, including SolidWorks, Fusion 360, and FreeCAD.

Understand what kinds of parts are available for instant quoting.

Big Blue Saw's online quoting system is designed for parts are made with an abrasive waterjet or laser cutter. This means that designs are cut completely through sheets of material.

Read the FAQ " What kinds of parts can I make with Big Blue Saw?" or all the FAQs on parts for more information. If you need other features such as bending, pockets, countersinks, welding, holes on the side, please contact us for a quote from one of our customer advocates.

3dpart flat

Ready for instant quote: part can be made from flat sheet on a waterjet or laser.

3dpart with features
Contact us: part has features on multiple sides, pockets, etc.

Align Your Part Correctly

The part should be aligned so that the top and bottom faces of the part are parallel to any of the primary planes: the XY, XZ, or YZ planes.

aligned part

Correct: Part aligned with the XY plane.

unaligned part

Incorrect: Part at an angle to the planes.

Remove Bevels and Chamfers

The online quoting system doesn’t yet handle chamfers or bevels on the faces of parts. Contact us for a custom quote or remove these features for instant online quotes.