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Big Blue Saw can cut and engrave adhesive-backed polyester twill using our laser cutting machine. When the laser cuts the polyester, it seals the edges, meaning that no hemming needs to be done to the material when attaching it to clothing or other pieces of fabric. The material has light, repositionable adhesive backing with a peel-off protective film so that it can be temporarily stuck to various surfaces. It also can be repositioned, unless permanently bonded to fabric (see below). Engraving on polyester twill is generally makes a subtle change to the texture of the fabric, as you can see in the photos below.

Our adhesive polyester twill can also form a permanent, washable bond with most fabrics, including acrylics, cotton, fleece, polyester (including other twill pieces), and polyester/cotton blends. It may not bond to certain fabrics which have water-resistant coatings, like certain nylon jackets.

To bond your twill piece to fabric, you will need to use an iron at 340 degrees Fahrenheit (171 degrees Celsius). Remove the protective backing from the twill and use the adhesive to position the twill piece on the target fabric. (It can be repositioned, if necessary.) Apply firm pressure with the iron, using the following chart to determine the press time:

Layers Time
1 15 seconds
2 20 seconds
3 25 seconds
4 30 seconds

Black Adhesive Polyester Twill
Polyester Twill Info.

Burnt Orange Adhesive Polyester Twill
Polyester Twill Info.

Cream Adhesive Polyester Twill
Polyester Twill Info.

Neon Pink Adhesive Polyester Twill
Polyester Twill Info.

Royal Blue Adhesive Polyester Twill
Polyester Twill Info.