Big  Blue Saw


Sure! Be sure to send us all the information you would need to send for a special ordered material as well as what size your sheet is. We’ll nest it and get you a quote for cutting the maximum number of parts out of your sheet. In general the cutting machines need to have 0.25 inches on each edge of the sheet or bar stock for the clamps that hold it down to the cutting surface. On the waterjet we need a spacing of 0.2 inches between parts for the kerf and the tabs, on the laser cutter we need 0.04 inches between parts.

The sheet you send us needs to be completely flat. Sending us thin sheets that are rolled up during shipping is fine, we have clamps that can hold it flat during cutting. But we cannot program either machine to move up and down on the Z axis to get around bent edges or features of a pre-processed part. The cutting heads need to be fairly close to the material to cut cleanly, so we need flat sheets to keep the cutting heads from slamming into bent edges and getting damaged.

Do not ship your material to the address on the website before emailing with us about cutting your sheet. That is our mailbox for letters and bills and they cannot receive large sheets of material there. Our machines are not all at the same location, so you’ll want to get the specific address from us before you send out your sheet for cutting.