Big  Blue Saw


We can special order and cut all kinds of non-stock materials for you. There are a few caveats though.

  • What we cut on them needs to not contaminate the shop environment and endanger the tech running it. No PVC on the laser cutter (chlorine off gassing) or lead sheets on the waterjet (small lead particles everywhere). With some materials, what can’t be cut on one machine can be safely cut on the other. This means that we can safely cut PVC and Polycarbonate on the waterjet.
  • There is a minimum charge for orders with special ordered sheet or customer supplied materials in them. We can add other parts cut from stock materials, or cut as many parts as will bring the subtotal up to the minimum. Contact us for details.
  • Some of the more commonly special ordered materials are supplied by companies that do not have a lot of stock on hand and can’t overnight me materials. If you need a non-stock material you would like cut, order it as early in the project as possible. One of our carbon fiber sheet suppliers, for example, lays up and builds the sheets from scratch almost every time I order from them. Their products are amazing, but that affects turnaround time. Plan at least 10-12 days from the date of payment until your parts ship.
  • The sheet of material needs to fit under the cutting nozzle or head of the machine. For the laser that is about 2 inches thick. Be aware that sheets thicker than 1 inch take a much longer time to cut and the machining costs for really thick parts are usually very high. Sometimes it is more cost effective to cut out multiples of one part in a material and then laminate them together to get a thicker part.
  • We do not cut glass on the waterjet. We’ve tried this a bunch of different ways with many of the methods you can look up on the internet. Everytime the glass sheet shattered under the pressure. Which made for a dangerous wet mess the tech had to clean up. So we won’t take in glass cutting orders. We know that it can be done, but you will want to find a shop that is advertising this service to do it for you.

If you would like parts from a special ordered sheet, please email the following:

  • The DXF or CAD file.
  • The material you need it cut from.
  • What thickness that material needs to be.
  • What quantity of parts you need to order.
  • Where this will be shipping to.