Big  Blue Saw


There are two ways you can get where you need in this case. First, read our page with free CAD software you can use to draw up your part.  A lot of those programs are the ones we feature in our blog posts so you can see how we use them regularly.

Your second option is to have us draw up your part for you. We've helped many of our customers get what they need to keep their projects on track. If you need us to do this for you, any extra documentation you can send will help us get an accurate quote for the cost of the design service. Pictures of the part you are replacing on grid paper or drawings with measurements called out are all great things to email us with first. You can also start out with a logo or drawing that needs bridging and get a quote for what it would cost for us to alter the design to cut as one part. Most customers spend between $35-$95 having us work up their CAD drawings, but some projects are larger and go higher than that. We quote these services on a project by project basis. We work from digital files, so we can’t send her existing parts or paper templates to trace.

Lastly, we do know someone with a digital tracing table who can trace a paper template to turn it into a DXF file. We don’t do this often due to the cost, but if you need really accurate door sills for a pre-space race car that has settled due to wear and tear, we can do this. This option has some human error in it, so expect to need to fit and file the resulting part to your assembly.