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Low-taper water-jet cutting is a revolutionary process that removes nearly all the taper found in parts made using ordinary waterjet machining.

Parts made with low-taper waterjet cutting are much more accurate, as the cut edge is square to the face of the part. It is highly recommended for thicker parts that must interface with other pieces along the machined edge.

Here are two parts both made from 6061 alloy aluminum 0.75" (3/4 inch) thick. The part on the left is made with our regular waterjet cutting service. The part on the right is made with our low-taper waterjet cutting service.

Parts with the same design.

The photo below shows the difference between a part made with our low-taper service and our regular waterjet cutting service. Both parts are made from 6061 aluminum. When each piece is placed on a flat reference surface and measured against a machinist's square, we can clearly see the difference in the results from the two processes. The part on the left deviates from the square, while the part on the right rests perfectly against the square.

Here is another view of the same two parts. This time, each is placed on its un-machined face and the side is measured against the square. The cut edge on the piece cut with low-taper waterjet cutting measures perpendicular to the reference surface.


Our regular waterjet cutting service.


Low-taper waterjet cutting.

Again, the low-taper part measures perpendicular to the flat surface and to the face of the part.

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