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Need it fast? Take advantage of our easy online ordering system and receive your custom parts in as few as 1-3 days! No more driving across town or arranging for a pick-up -- we ship parts right from our workshop to your front door!

Waterjet + Laser Cutting for Metal + Plastic

Starting April 18, quoting and ordering will begin moving from Big Blue Saw to the Xometry website. You'll continue to be able to get fast service and instant quotes, in addition addition to a whole host of new materials and manufacturing processes!


Custom Cut Parts for Education

Big Blue Saw works with both educators and students at high schools, community colleges and universities to manufacture precise custom parts used in robotics, science and math programs.   We cut custom parts from many different materials, ranging from acrylics to wood, making us an ideal choice when you need to test parts made of different substrates for research and development or experiments.  If your students can imagine it, we can build the custom parts to make it a reality. We are U.S.-based and offer fast turnaround times with no part minimum for stocked materials. Order as little as one part!

You can order directly from our website using a credit card or PayPal. Or have your purchasing department contact us to order.


'Little Hermes' is designed for studying balancing strategies

Massachusetts Institute of Technology designed an electric go-kart

Disney Research, Harvard, Columbia University and MIT designed a xylophone with animal shaped keys

A waterjet cut motor mount attached to the electric motor for the Cholocycle

Robot Rover from University of Northern Colorado

Prototype Machining for Research and Development

We specialize in prototype machining services for research and development. We work with both inventors and manufacturers who are developing prototypes for new products they want to bring to market. Our simple process makes it easy to upload your designs and get the parts you need for your prototypes quickly and affordably. We work with a variety of materials, ranging from fabric and acrylic plastic to metal and wood, and require no minimum order size for stocked materials.

When you trust us with prototype machining services, you’ll get outstanding customer service, affordable pricing and fast turnarounds to advance your prototype through every stage of development from concept to consumer testing.


For an instant quote or to order your custom cut electronic components online, upload your design or use the Big Blue Saw Designer to create your design.

Robotic gripper used for the NASA Asteroid Redirect Mission

Postmark USA delivers on time and saves money with waterjet cut parts

Load holding fixtures using waterjet cutting

Jay Doscher's Raspberry Pi Field Unit

Building the open source FarmBot with Big Blue Saw

'Little Hermes' is designed for studying balancing strategies

Custom Cut Electronic Components

Electronics manufacturers work with Big Blue Saw to cut custom control panels and electronic components you need to keep production on track. Using waterjet and laser cutting, we cut precise parts to your specifications from a variety of materials including plastic and metal. We cut custom control panels, bus bars, positioning plates and other electronic components right here in the USA at an affordable price.

For an instant quote or to order your custom cut electroinc parts online, upload your design or use the Big Blue Saw Designer to create your design.

Industrial automation control panel

Audio control panel by mystery engineer

Pemdas's custom keyboard with waterjet cut plate

Creating electronics enclosures with laser and waterjet cut parts

Nixie Clock from Joe Hoffman

Copper bus bars




R & D

R & D