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Starting April 18, 2022, quoting and ordering will begin moving from Big Blue Saw to the Xometry website. You'll continue to be able to get fast service and instant quotes, in addition addition to a whole host of new materials and manufacturing processes!

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Words from our customers about us

The typical waterjet companies around here have the traditional quoting system. where you send them a paper drawing, you wait 3 weeks, the guy contacts you with a formal quote and it's just way too slow. In 3 weeks we usually have robots designed and built. Ray Russell - Founder, RoPro Design
I was very pleased with the say everything came out. I think the anodizing... worked very well and really gives it a nice look to it. I was very happy with the waterjet cutting... I've seen the pre-manufactured ones that you can get from the manufacturer and I think [the custom waterjet brackets] hold up just as well.
Clay Benning,The Alliance Theatre
Just received the frame. Came out perfect, I'm very impressed with the tolerance and low taper. I will definitely be coming back with many more projects.
Sean McKeown, Team Disaster Area
I have been using BBS for years and have always had great, prompt service. The ease of use of their site and material selection is why I keep coming back.
Levi Borreson, Legacy Frameworks
I've really enjoyed working with [Big Blue Saw]. I've been a customer for quite some time... It was always a dream to just get things out. I've worked with other companies before you guys were around and I always kind of got this e-mail tag... It's real nice to be able to take a DXF or drawing file, throw it on the net, get an instant quote, put it in the cart, and be done with it. It's real easy to work with, especially [at] universities.
Casey Kuhns, University of Northern Colorado

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What the World Is Saying About Big Blue Saw

Roko Quad

  • Make Magazine Blog / Article 2: "Big Blue Saw is a new site that lets you create parts out of metal or plastic. You use your favorite CAD program to design a part, then upload the design to their site to get a rendered 3D image, and a quote."
  • Toolmonger: "We, on the other hand, dream about having our own waterjet cutting rig. But until that lottery-wining day comes, there’s always Big Blue Saw."
  • Bob Dold: Design of an electrically assisted human powered trike
  • Trossen Robotics: Hagetaka: A Bipedal Combat Robot custom aluminum chassis machined by sponsor Big Blue Saw
  • Todd Kumpf, Audio Infuser 4700 "I first had Big Blue Saw create a prototype out of acrylic so I could double check that my design and cutouts would work. After doing some test fits and making much-needed adjustments, I sent away for the parts to be cut out of Aluminum 6061. That was the easy part."
  • Shane Colton of MIT: "It's always fun to see your 3D model almost instantly become a real thing."
  • Charles Guan of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Equals Zero / Article 2: "By the way, Big Blue Saw is totally a thing."
  •, CAD/CAM, the DIY Builders Best Friend: "The Big Blue Saw CAD drawing program is free and easy to learn if you need a water-jetted part... I am very happy with the results."