Big  Blue Saw


Steampunk wings
Photo by Charles Guan

Check out these awesome steam punk wings from Chris Lee and Leah D’Andrea of the Apparition Abolishers.

Chris and Leah showed up during my dragon con panel to sure these off and demonstrate what can be with waterjet cutting. (You may remember that I mentioned these in my earlier post on Dragon*Con.) Chris made all the aluminum gears with Big Blue Saw during a recent sale.

The best part of this costume is that the wings automatically expand and contract on command, controlled through a touchscreen remote worn on the wrist.

Later on, Leah entered the Masquerade costume contest with Grant (Kickin Bot/Mythbusters) Imahara.
The costume won the prestigious Best In Show award.

This matches its intended milieu better than most creations a similar aesthetic, as the exposed mechanism actually functions, unlike most steampunk, which seems to simply use brass gears like decorative sequins.

Read more about it at the Apparition Abolishers website.

Photo by Charles Guan